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April 3  - Spring 2020 Upate


With the recent news that federal guidelines have increased the timeline of social distancing through the end of April, MYBF is following that rule to ensure the safety of the kids, coaches, fans and members of the community. 


At this time we do not have a definitive start date to the season, however, we are hopeful for even a condensed game schedule if possible. MYBF will provide updates and information as this situation changes and evolves. 



Please watch the NBC News interview with one of our board members, Dr. James Sanfilippo, who has recovered from the the coronavirus and is now raising money for the Food Bank of South Jersey.  He started a gofundme page where you can donate the money that you would spend on hair cuts during this crisis to the Food Bank of South Jersey.  


NBC News video link

gofundme link

Dick's Sporting Good Coupon Valid through December 31, 2020


Dick's Sporitng Goods is offering MYBF players and their families exlusive e-coupons that can be used any time, at any store from now to the end of the year.  DSG Coupons







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Field Status
Fullerton - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Memorial 1 - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Memorial 2 - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Memorial 3 - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Memorial 4 - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Memorial Upper - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Pryor Lower - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Pryor Upper - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Walter T. Maahs 1 (Len1) - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Walter T. Maahs 2 (Len2) - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
Wesley Bishop - Moorestown TBD (4/10) 
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