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              In light of the recent Coronavirus news, Moorestown Youth Baseball will be suspending any and all baseball related activities until further notice. While these decisions are never easy to make, the MYBF Board’s stance is always to ensure the safety of the players, families and fans, and we felt as though it was best to act in this manner. I will continue to update everyone as more information becomes available and if and the direction of the season. I am also outlining some additional important information below. 


  • The Annual Pancake Breakfast which was to be held on Saturday March 28th, will be postponed until a later date. As soon as a make up date is established we will let everyone know.
  • I have been in touch with Scanzano Sports, and the clinics will go on as scheduled. Please note that Scanzano Sports acts independently of Moorestown Baseball and has the rights to continue operations as they see fit. The decision to continue to send your son or daughter to the clinics is strictly up to you. I was informed by Scanzano Sports that the facility will be continuously cleaned and that they are operating within the guidelines of the state. 
  • The scheduled pickup of equipment has also been postponed. An email will be sent one a new date is picked. 


The Moorestown Department of Parks and Recreation has decided also to close all programs. All athletic fields and facilities, as well as the North Church Street, and New Albany Rec Center will be closed as well until further notice. Please note that all lights at athletic facilities and fields will be off. 


On behalf of Moorestown Baseball we urge everyone to stay safe. Continue to wash your hands, and be cautious. If anyone has any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me. 




Richard D Sweeney 


President Moorestown Baseball Youth Federation




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by posted 08/26/2019
Field Status
Fullerton - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Memorial 1 - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Memorial 2 - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Memorial 3 - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Memorial 4 - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Memorial Upper - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Pryor Lower - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Pryor Upper - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Walter T. Maahs 1 (Len1) - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Walter T. Maahs 2 (Len2) - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
Wesley Bishop - Moorestown TBD (3/30) 
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