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1)         A team will consist of one (1) adult manager, two (2) coaches and one (1) scorekeeper and a maximum of fifteen (15) players of league age.  There must be a minimum of nine (9) players present at the start of each game.  A game will be forfeited if less than nine (9) roster players are present for the start of the game. All rostered players present must bat.


2)      No one, other than these team members, is permitted on the field or the dugout areas at any time.


3)      The team final roster must be submitted to the Tournament Committee at the time of the eligibility meeting.  No changes will be accepted after the final roster is submitted.  Rosters must include the: team name, player's name, player's date of birth and players uniform number.  It must also include the team manager's name and phone number as well as the coaches and scorekeeper's names.




1)            To play in a given age group, the player’s date of birth must be on or after the following dates: 12s, May 1, 1993; 11s, May 1, 1994; 10s, May 1, 1995; 9s, May 1, 1996; 8s, May 1, 1997.


2)      Copies of birth certificates or baptismal certificates or Babe Ruth approved ID cards must accompany team rosters for each player.




1)         $375 will be required for each team entered in any age bracket (9 through 12)

         $300 eight (8) year olds




1)      Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the individual teams entered into the tournament.  A copy of the insurance policy must be submitted along with the team roster.




1)      The Pinelands Association will furnish all game umpires, expect in the Coach Pitch group, where trained Moorestown umpires will be used.  Two (2) umpires per game have been requested and will be provided if available.  At least one will be provided.




1)            All game balls will be supplied by MYBF.  Two (2) balls per game.  Please leave game balls at backstop after your game.




See Brackets








1)      This is bracket ball - Four (4) Games minimum based on ten teams (weather permitting).  We reserve the right to adjust due to inclement weather that could cancel games. Winner of each bracket will play for championship. If weather eliminates games we will use standings & tie breakers to determine bracket winners.




1)            Two points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, zero points for a loss. 


2)            If two teams are tied, the first tie breaker will be record against each other; second tie breaker will be fewest runs allowed in all games (average per game), and finally coin flip.


3)            If three or more teams are tied, the first tie breaker will be head to head record among those teams, the second tie breaker will be fewest runs allowed in all games (average per game), and the third tie breaker will be a coin flip.




1)      The home team will be decided by a coin flip one-half hour prior to the game.  A MYBF official will perform the coin flip at the field. Team traveling further distance will call the flip. The manager or coach may represent the team at the coin flip.


2)      If only one team is present for the coin flip, that team will be the home team.




1)      A game will last six (6) innings unless the following occurs:

a)      A game is terminated by weather and four (4) innings have been played or three (3) ½ innings, if the home team is leading.


b)      A game is terminated after four (4) innings if a team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs and has had equal amount of time at bat or if the home team is leading it is terminated after 3½ innings.


c)      A game is terminated by the game time limit rule which is: a new inning may not begin after one hour and 45 minutes from the official start time which will be announced and monitored by the Pinelands Umpires. Only their time clock is official. Essentially, if the first inning lasts one hour and 46 minutes, the game is ended.


               The start of a new inning, for the purpose of the 1 hour 45 minute rule, is defined as the last out of the previous inning.  Therefore, if the last out of an inning is recorded at or before the 1 hour 45 minute mark, the next inning is to be played regardless of the fact that the first pitch of the new inning may not be delivered until the 1 hour 46 minute mark.







d)      Any game other than the championship game may end in a tie, resulting in each team receiving one point. 


e)      Extra innings are allowed for a tie game as long as they comply with the 1 hour 45 minute rule.           


         f)    Games that are "suspended" prior to one of these occurrences (a-c) due to weather or darkness will be rescheduled and will resume at the point of suspension.




1)      In the event of inclement weather, MYBF officials will notify the manager or coach of cancellation, in advance, when possible.  Therefore, phone numbers are vitally important to appear on the team roster.


2)      If there is any doubt, assume the game will be played.




1)      Each team will supply its own equipment


2)      The pitcher's glove cannot be white or have a substantial portion of white.  The pitcher's undershirt cannot be white or gray.


3)      Metal spikes are prohibited.


4)      All batters, base runners, and catchers must wear protective helmets.


5)      All players must be in full uniform.  Al shirts must be uniquely numbered.  Managers, coaches and scorekeepers may not wear tank tops or sweatpants.


6)      The bat shall not be more than 33 inches in length nor have a barrel in excess of 2.25 inches.  A member of the opposing team (manager, coach or player in the field) may appeal to the umpire any time after the first pitch to a player to the subsequent batter.  If the appeal is upheld by the umpire, that batter is declared out and all base runners return to the base which they occupied prior to the "called out batter" coming to the plate.




1)      Managers, coaches, players may not eat any food in the dugouts or bring soda or other soft drinks into the dugout areas.  Water bottles, however, are encouraged.


2)      Managers and coaches may not smoke during the game.


4)            Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited anywhere within the boundaries of the complex.









1)      No manager or coach may come on the playing field once the game has begun until he has requested time and permission is granted by the umpire.


2)      Any manager, coach or scorekeeper ejected from any game will be expelled from any remaining games in the tournament.


3)      Any team of their supporters that initiates, causes or continues any problems of any kind will cause that team to be expelled from the tournament without refund of the entrance.


4)      Any player who throws bats, helmets, gloves, or other equipment may be, at the umpires discretion, ejected from the game.


5)      The use of profanity will result in the ejection of that manager, coach or player from that game and will require that individual to leave the complex.




1)      Protests cannot be made on an umpire's judgement call!


Q.     BALKS


1)      The only balk which will be called is if the pitcher is on the rubber without the ball.




1)      Is in effect for all ages except Coach Pitch.




1)      Team will bat their full roster.


2)            If a player is injured and is unable to bat that can be done without penalty of an out provided there are a minimum of 9 batters still in the line-up at this time.  However, once that player skips 2 turns, he may not bat again in that game.  If after the start of the game loss of a player for any reason drops the lineup to 8 players, the game may continue but an out must be taken when the missing player would have come to bat.  If loss of players drops the roster below 8, a forfeit is declared.




1)      The batter is out and cannot run to first.











1)      Base runners must hold their bag until the ball has passed the plate.


2)      If a runner leaves early, he does so at his own risk.  Should any runner leave early and advances to a base without the ball being hit, the umpire will, after stoppage of play, instruct all runners to go back to their original base.


3)      If any runner leaves early and the ball is hit fair, the base runners advance at their own risk.  Once play has stopped, the runners are sent back to the nearest unoccupied base (that is the base(s) in advance of the batter).  Under this rule, a run or runs may score.


4)      If the bases are loaded and any runner leaves early and the ball does not leave the infield, the man originally on third sits.  A run is not scored and an out is not recorded for man on third.


5)      No head first sliding, except when returning to a base.  The players will be called out.


6)      Runners must either "slide or veer" into 2nd, 3rd, or home if a play is imminent.  Failure to do so will result in, at the umpire's discretion, an out call and/or ejection from the game.


7)      A courtesy runner can be used for the catcher with 2 outs.  The runner will be the player who made the last out.




1)      A pitcher is allowed to pitch no more than 2 innings in each game.


2)      One pitch in an inning is considered an inning pitched.


3)      On the third trip to the mound, in the same inning, the pitcher is to be removed.


4)      Once a pitcher is removed, he cannot return as a pitcher later in that game.


5)      Any pitcher who hits two batters in one inning must be removed.




1)      Free substitutions are allowed at all positions with the exception of the pitching rule.




1)      Each player on teams finishing 1st, and 2nd in their respective age brackets will be awarded a trophy. 








I. Introduction


The rules below apply only to the Coach Pitch division of the Moorestown Baseball Tournament.  To the extent there are any conflicts between these rules and those for other divisions, these rules will take precedence.


II. Playing Rules:


1.             The player pitcher must keep at least one foot within the designated pitching circle while parent pitcher is delivering ball and until the pitch is hit.  The pitch must be an overhand pitch.  The parent must pitch from within the pitching circle and end up in the circle after the ball is pitched.


2.             After a ball is put into play by being hit, play will be stopped only when:


a.             The ball is returned to an infielder and is under control in the infield (dirt portion of the field) in fair territory.


b.            The umpire calls time out.


3.             The batter will be allowed five pitches or three strikes, whichever comes first, to hit the ball.  At the end of five pitches, if the batter has not put the ball in play, he/she is out and a strikeout is recorded.  If the batter fouls the third strike and/or the 5th pitch, and the catcher does not catch the foul tip cleanly, an additional pitch will be given, even if it pushed the pitch count beyond 5.  This will continue until the ball is hit into fair territory, a pitch beyond the 5th pitch is taken, or the batter swings and misses.


4.             All balls hit in fair territory are in play.


5.             There is no head first sliding, except back to a base.  The runner will be called out on the first instance and all subsequent instances. 


6.             No manager, coach, or player shall at any time, whether from the bench or the playing field or elsewhere.


a.       Incite or try to incite, by word or sign, any demonstration.


b.      Use language, which will in any manner, refer or reflect upon opposing players, an umpire or spectator.


When the occupants of a player’s bench show violent disapproval of an umpire’s decision, the umpire shall first give warning that such disapproval shall cease.  If such action continues, the umpire shall order the offender out of the game and away from the spectator’s area.  If the umpire is unable to detect the offender or offenders, the bench may be cleared of all substitute players.  The manger of the offending team shall have the privilege of recalling to the playing field only those players needed for substitution in the game.



7.             There will be no discussion with an umpire during the game regarding judgment calls.  The only discussion permitted between the managers, coaches and umpires will be a request to clarify a rule upon which a decision is based.


8.             Bunting is not permitted.


9.             No base stealing is permitted.  Runners will remain on the bag until the ball is hit.


10.         A runner leaving the base before the ball is hit will constitute a warning by the umpire to the team coach.  Each team will be permitted only one warning per game.  Any further base violation will be declared an out by the umpire.


11.         There will be no sliding into first base.  Any runner doing so will be called out the umpire.


12.         After a ball is put into play, play will be ruled under control by the umpire once the ball is returned to the infield and controlled by an infielder in fair territory.  At that point, if the runner is at or past the halfway hash mark and continues to try to take the next immediate base, he will be called safe or out at that base.  If the runner is not yet at the halfway hash mark, the runner may attempt to advance, but does so at his own risk.  If he is called out he will be out.  If he arrives at the next base safely, he will be sent back to the preceding base.


13.         A batter hit by a pitched ball is NOT awarded first base.  The pitch counts as one of five allowed each batter.


14.         Players must play within reasonable proximity to their normal playing positions as determined by the umpire.  For example, infielders should be no closer to the batter than five (5) feet inside the baselines between first and second bases and second and third bases.


15.         All play must stop when an infielder has possession of the ball within the infield or upon play being halted by the umpire.


16.         The pitcher’s circle will be approximately 12’ in diameter, with the center being the pitching rubber. 


17.         The distance between bases will be 54 feet.


18.         Teams must have 8 players present within one half hour after the scheduled game time or a forfeit will be declared by the umpire.  In case of forfeit, the winning team’s coach must contact the commissioner immediately after the forfeiture.  At no time can the game continue if a team has fewer than eight players; the game must be forfeited.  A forfeited game score will be recorded as 6-0.


19.         Teams that have 8 players will take an out each time the 9th player would have batted. 









20.         Teams will field ten (10) players including four (4) outfielders.  No short fielders will be permitted.  The outfielders must be positioned no closer to the infield than 25 feet beyond the baselines between first and second bases and second and third bases.  Hash mark lines should be marked on the field at the 25-foot line for clear indication.  Outfielders must remain behind that line until the ball is hit.


21.         Teams must bat their full roster in rotation.


22.         If the batter is injured while batting and cannot continue his turn, the next player in the batting order will come to bat with the same count (pitches thrown) the preceding batter had before the injury.


23.         The Infield Fly rule does not apply in this league.


24.         No one is permitted to stand behind the backstop.  Coaches are responsible for enforcement of this rule.  All players will remain seated on the bench during the game.


25.         There can be a maximum of 4 runs scored in an inning except in the 6th inning or any extra innings or the last inning as declared by the umpire prior to the start of that inning.  If, after a completed inning, the difference in score at any time is twenty (20) runs, the game is officially over.


26.         No new inning may begin more than one hour and 45 minutes after the original starting time of the game.  To prevent controversy, the start time of every game should be recorded in each team’s scorebook.  As the time limit approaches, umpires and coaches should be made aware of the impending deadline.


27.         A game is considered official if 3 or more innings have been played (losing team has had at least three at bats.)  This rule applies in situations where weather, darkness, or other causes make calling a game in the best interest of all concerned.  The score of a called game will revert to the last complete inning, unless the home team is at bat and ahead in the score.  If this occurs, the score existing will be official.  The winning team will receive 2 points.  A tie will give each team 1 point.  The final standings will be determined on a point basis.


28.         An official game will consist of three completed innings.


29.         Once an inning has started, coaches are not permitted to change a player’s defensive position, unless an injury forces removal of a player.


30.         The parent/pitcher may not field the ball or otherwise assist the fielding team.  If the ball is hit in such a way that the parent/pitcher cannot avoid being hit, the ball will be in play, unless the parent catches the ball, or in the judgment of the umpire, the parent made an attempt to field the ball, in which case the ball will be declared dead, base runners will return and a “no pitch” will be called.





31.         The parent/pitcher must try to leave the field after the ball is put in play in a manner, which would not obstruct the play of the ball in any way.  If, in the umpire’s judgment, the parent/pitcher is an obstruction, the ball is dead and a “new pitch” is declared.


32.         The parent/pitcher may not coach base runners while on the field a first-time warning will be issued.  A second warning merits removal from the field.  Parent pitcher will be permitted to coach the batter until he/she has reached first base.  Each team must have a first and third base coach to aid runners on bases.


33.         Coaches on first and third bases must refrain from “umpiring” by yelling out a decision before the umpire has made a call.  First violation will result in a warning.  Second violation, the coach will be replaced.


34.         With the exception of the on-deck batter, all other players will remain on the bench, except for reasons approved by the coach/manager, i.e., restroom, etc.


35.         In the event of an injury to a defensive player, which is deemed serious by the umpire, play will be stopped immediately and the ball is declared dead.  The runners may advance to the next base, if they were between bases and running toward the next base.


36.         In the event of injury, the ball is in play until the umpire calls time out.  Time out should be called immediately at any time the umpire feels an injury is serous and merits urgent attention.


37.         If an injury is to the fielding team, the batter and runners will be awarded the base to which they are headed.


38.         With the exception of these rules, the official regulations and playing rules of Bambino Baseball and Major League Baseball will apply.


39.         The championship game will not be abbreviated for time or weather.  It will consist of at least 6 innings, unless the mercy rule comes into play.