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             The name of this organization shall be The Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation, Inc., herein referred to as  “ the Federation “.










             The purpose of the Federation shall be to make available the facilities and leadership necessary to conduct a program of adult supervised baseball for the youth of Moorestown, New Jersey.










             Any person of good character who shall attained the age of 18, who is a resident of Moorestown, New Jersey, and who shall have evidenced an active interest in the purpose of the Federation shall be eligible for membership. Members shall be approved for membership by the Board of Trustees.


             Membership may be terminated or suspended at any time for conduct which is determined to be detrimental to the best interest of the Federation or for failure to participate in activities of the Federation. The full authority for such action shall rest with the Board of Trustees.











Section (a)


             The Board of Trustees, herein referred to as the “ Trustees “, shall consist of fifteen (15) members who shall be responsible for the administration of the Federation in accordance with the Purpose set forth in Article II.


             Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Trustees shall have the duty and the exclusive power to:


(1)     Designate the specific activities which shall be conducted by the Federation; provide the rules of eligibility for participation therein; and establish the Rules of Conduct of such activities.


(2)   Establish policies and otherwise regulate all matters pertaining to finance,  

including programs for the raising of funds; expenditures for the acquisition or repair of playing and general equipment; acquisition or maintenance of playing fields or areas; insurance and other operating expense, and the incurring of liabilities or obligations.


(3)     Appoint delegates or representatives to represent the Federation at any meeting

or election of any district, regional, or national membership or association with which the Federation may become affiliated in furtherance of its purpose and  athletic programs; and establish authority of the Federation or such delegate or representative to recommend or vote upon, among others, any changes in or variations from established rules or regulations for playing, tournament participation or the administration thereof.


(4)     Authorize or prohibit participation by any team associated with the Federation or

its athletic programs, or combination of the members of such teams, in tournament, exhibition, or other games not included within the regular season schedule.




Section (b)


             At each annual meeting there shall be elected one-third of the members of the Board for a three-year term. The Trustees so elected shall enter office immediately following their election and shall serve for such term, or until their successors are elected.


             In the event of any vacancy in the membership of the Trustees created by death or resignation, such vacancy or vacancies may be filled by the Trustees at any regular meeting, or special meeting called for such purpose, by vote of a majority of the Trustees then in office.







Section (c)


The Trustees should meet as soon as practical, after the annual meeting, for the purpose of

organization and the transaction of other business. At the organization meeting each year the Trustees shall elect, from their membership, by a majority vote, a President to preside at their meetings. Also, they should elect Officers for the following year, as provided in Article V hereof.


             Regular meetings of the Trustees shall be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. In the event the day so appointed for regular meetings shall fall on a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held on the same day of the following week. The time and place of such regular meetings shall be fixed from time to time by the Trustees.


             Special meetings of the Trustees shall be held whenever called at the discretion of the President or upon written request by any three (3) Trustees. Ten days written notice of any special meeting shall be given to each Trustee unless the need therefore shall be waived in writing.


             Ten (10) Trustees shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business at all meetings and a majority vote shall govern unless otherwise provided.








Section (a)


             The officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Commissioner, an Assistant Commissioner, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, elected as hereinbefore provided by the Trustees, with the usual duties and powers of such officers, except as limited or added to from time to time by the Trustees. The officers shall enter office immediately after their election and serve a one (1) year term from October of the year so elected until October of the following year or until their successors are elected.


             The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Federation and the Commissioner shall be the Chief Operating Officer. They shall exercise their responsibilities at the direction of the Trustees.


             The Commissioner shall appoint a Commissioner for each league and fill all staff positions with members from the Federation, subject to ratification by the Trustees.







Section (a)


             An annual meeting of the membership shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of October. In the event the day so appointed shall fall on a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held the next following day not a legal holiday. Time and place of such annual meetings shall be fixed from time to time by the Trustees.





Section (b)


             Normal monthly meetings shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from September each year until June of the following year.


             Special meetings shall be called at the discretion of the President or upon special request, with ten days’ written notice, of ten (10) members.


Section (c)


             Ten (10) members in good standing constitute a quorum for transaction of business at all meetings and a majority vote shall govern unless otherwise provided.


             The Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of the membership.








Section (a)


             The election of Trustees shall be by ballot and shall be held at the annual meeting of the Federation.


Section (b)


             Only members who are sitting trustees, league commissioners, or were a named manager, coach or volunteer staff and so designated in the yearbook in the spring season immediately prior to the vote shall be entitled to vote in the election of trustees.   


A trustee may be removed from his or her position for any reason if a minimum of 12 trustees vote to do so.  Any trustee removed may not run for a seat on the board for a period of one year.


Section (c)


             Candidates for Trustees shall be nominated in the following manner:


1. By a nominating committee of three (3) members, not more than one (1) shall be a

    Trustee, appointed by the President and/or


2. By nomination from the floor, at either the September normal monthly meeting or at

    the annual membership meeting in October.


Section (d)


             Candidates shall have indicated their consent to serve prior to the balloting for election.















The Trustees may approve sponsors for each team, as recommended by the fund raising staff upon such conditions and subject to such rules as the Trustees may from time to time prescribe.








These Bylaws or any part thereof may be amended or repealed upon a two-thirds vote of the members present qualified to vote at an election pursuant to Section (b) of Article VII hereof, providing written notice has been given to each member at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which the change is to be considered.





           Upon dissolution of our federation, our remaining assets will be distributed to other appropriate 501c3 organizations supporting the advancement of youth baseball or softball.








These Bylaws became effective on October 10, 2000, following the amendments voted unanimously by the membership at the annual membership meeting.  The bylaws were amended as a result of a meeting and vote on September 12, 2006, in accordance with the bylaw change procedures set forth above.