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Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation Code of Conduct


The Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation (MYBF) Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to the MYBF season.  The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to outline our goals for the season as well as establish some expectations of all involved.  MYBF Baseball presents many challenging situations and a number of opportunities to develop the skills of strong character, courage and loyalty in our league and in our community.  As parents and coaches, we are in an excellent position to influence the development of our youth by acting as positive role models on and off the field.  We ask that you read the following and acknowledge your agreement by signing the attached form. 


MYBF expectations of Parents

As a parent, I will make every effort to:

·         Attend my child’s games

·         Be a supportive parent for the coach and team

·         Cheer for all of the players on each team

·         Be a positive role model and demonstrate good sportsmanship

·         Be supportive when my child is successful or when struggling for success

·         Show by example respect for umpires, opposing teams and other fans

·         Play and practice the skills of the game with my child

·         Be positive and supportive whether the team wins or loses

·         Remember that the game is for the players


MYBF expectations of volunteer Coaches

As a coach, I will make every effort to:

·         Create a safe and caring place for players to learn, practice and play

·         Be sure all of the players are instructed on safety

·         Be kind, approachable and make every player feel important

·         Set clear and reachable expectations

·         Be polite, positive and fair to all of the players

·         Make every practice and game active and fun

·         Model good sportsmanship

·         Be patient and remember that players improve at different rates

·         Remember that the game is for the players

·         Show respect for the umpires and opposing coaches.


MYBF expectations of Players

As a player, I will make every effort to:

·         Be a kind person

·         Listen to my coaches and parents

·         Do my best

·         Hustle whenever I can

·         Be a good helper

·         Be a good friend to my teammates

·         Be a good sport

·         Cheer for my teammates

·         Follow safety rules

·         Have fun


Finally, the majority of children playing at this level are not expected to have strong skills.  Let’s allow them to make their mistakes - and hopefully learn from them - but always be there with positive support to lift their spirits.  If we eliminate the negative, the children will have an opportunity to play without any unnecessary pressures and will learn the value of sportsmanship. 

We’re ready to have a lot of fun this season.  Thanks for your support.



Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement Form



I have read the Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation Code of Conduct and hereby agree to abide by it and to share it with all of my family members.


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