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MYBF Dispute Resolution Process


At the Moorestown Youth Baseball Federation our goals for your children are:


1.      Have fun

2.      Learn the game of baseball

3.      Win games


We strive to meet these goals in everything we do, from practice, to games, to all-star weekend and tournament teams.  Our volunteer managers and coaches are dedicated and give generously of their time and attention.  The players are generally well behaved and respectful of their teammates.  However, we realize that in a season that lasts several months and includes hundreds of players and adults, disagreements may occur.  In order to help resolve any issues quickly and correctly, we suggest the following procedures:


1.      Contact the team manager and discuss the issue. Generally speaking, the manager is the person closest to most issues and so is the person most familiar with the details and the personalities involved and most able to help resolve it.

2.      Each league has a commissioner, whose name and phone number is in the Schedule Guide.  If the matter cannot be settled by a discussion with the manager, then you should contact the league commissioner.



A 15-member Board of Trustees, elected by the public, governs MYBF. When required, the league commissioner will bring issues to the Board for review.