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All Star Player Selection Procedures

Each team’s manager is responsible for conducting a ballot about one week prior to the all star game. The manager should list the names of all players on sheets of paper, distribute a sheet to each player and ask that each vote for a pre-determined number of players who will be considered for the all star game. The number of players that may be voted for on any ballot may vary by league and is decided by the commissioner based on the number of teams in that league. Once the ballots have been completed, the manager will have the final decision as to who to assign to the all star team. It is the manager’s responsibility to inform his team of who was chosen to represent them in the all star game and inform his all stars of when and where the game will be played.

All star teams are comprised of a roughly equal number of players on each team. Managers are chosen, based on team records prior to the all star game, by the league commissioner. The league commissioner is also responsible for determining which teams and players will play for the National League all star team and for the American League all star team.