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May 21  - 2020 Rec Refund Upate


or those that signed up their son or daughter for for the 2020 Rec Baseball season, we are pleased to announce that you will in fact be receiving a full refund of your registration fee. In addition if your son or daughter attended Scanzano’s Clinics you will receive an additional $25.00 as the clinics were cut short due to Coronavirus.

This refund will come from Wells Fargo in the form of a paper check via regular mail. We ask you to please open any mail from Wells Fargo as it may contain your check.

The refund process is underway at this time, so it may take a few weeks to receive your check. We ask for your patience during this process as it does take time.




Travel Baseball

For those that were chosen to the District and Tournament teams. At this time the only update  I am able to report is that I am currently awaiting more information from the Cal Ripken President on if and when both District and State Tournaments will take place, or if they will be moved to a date further in the future. Once I have more information I will be sure to share it with everyone. Please look for communication  from your District or Tournament Coaching Staff regarding updates on any tournaments that your team may have already entered.

The MYBF Board also voted to move the Moorestown Tournament for both the A & B Tournaments to the following dates: July 30th through August 3rd. We moved the dates with the anticipation that by this time the social distancing rules will be relaxed or completely removed. The board will reevaluate the status of these tournaments in the coming months, and will cancel the tournaments if they feel that tournament play will present a health risk to the participants, and fans. Please stay tuned for any updates regarding the Tournament dates and times.

I know that there is a lot of information provided above, so if anyone has any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me directly. This information will also be available via the MYBF website. Thank you again everyone for your time, please have a great rest of your day, and stay safe.



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2020 Annual Moorestown Invitational
New Dates for the 23rd Annual Moorestown Invitational Both the...
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  Dick's Sporitng Goods is offering MYBF players and...
2020 Annual Moorestown Invitational

New Dates for the 23rd Annual Moorestown Invitational

Both the "A" and "B" Moorestown Tournaments will be held from July 30 to August 3.


Due to COVID-19, the dates of the 23rd Annaul Mooerstown "A" and "B" Invitational that were originally scheduled for May 30 - June 1 and June 5 - June 8, respectivley, have beeen moved July 30 - August 3.


by posted 05/06/2020
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by posted 08/26/2019
Field Status
Fullerton - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Memorial 1 - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Memorial 2 - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Memorial 3 - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Memorial 4 - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Memorial Upper - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Pryor Lower - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Pryor Upper - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Walter T. Maahs 1 (Len1) - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Walter T. Maahs 2 (Len2) - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
Wesley Bishop - Moorestown TBD (6/4) 
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